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The new library complex was inaugurated in October 2007 to serve the Academic Center's thousands of students, faculty members and researchers. There is a memorial site dedicated to Emek Hefer's fallen soldiers alongside the library, under the auspices of the Regional Council. During the coming year construction of a 450-seat auditorium and cafeteria will be completed within the well designed, innovative complex.

In addition to its classrooms and library halls, the sophisticated complex contains a Video conference room donated by Cellcom Israel Ltd., enabling the international study groups. The reference library is open to the public, while only faculty and students may borrow books. The library contains some 30,000 titles (books and journals), databases, videotaped lectures, films, publications by research institutes as well as final student projects.

Tel:     09-8983086     
Fax:    09-8981307 



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