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M.A. degree in Immigration and Social Integration


Graduate Degree in Immigration and Social Integration

The study program awards its graduates an M.A. degree in Immigration and Social Integration*. The program is financed by the Planning and Budgeting Committee, in a manner similar to universities, and is suited to graduates and managers seeking to integrate work and study. In 2007, The Council for Higher Education authorized the opening of this unique program offering an M.A. degree in Immigration and Social Integration.

 The Study Program

 Terms of Registration and Acceptance


Why Immigration?

International immigration is one of the central phenomena characterizing  the modern era. The number of immigrants worldwide (immigrants are defined as residents living elsewhere than in their native country) has increased from 75,000,000 in 1965 to 190,634,000 in 2005! Some 60% of this enormous number (115 million people) live in developed countries while the others, some 75 million immigrants, live in developing countries.

The importance of immigration as having an influential role over social change lies in the fact that most immigrants are concentrated in certain countries. The developed world has been most deeply affected by immigration, as in 2005 some 9.5% of those residing in developed countries were born abroad. International immigration has become a significant phenomenon in the modern era, and especially since the mid 20th century, characterizing the relationship between wealthy industrialized countries and poor developing countries.

Countries around the globe are learning to contend with the quick demographic changes that affect them on economic, social and cultural levels. In Israeli society, immigration constitutes an important component in the State's collective identity. Nearly 50% of today's Jewish population (47%) are first generation immigrants.

The Study of Immigration and Social Integration

Ruppin Academic Center took the initial step toward studying this field by establishing The Institute for Immigration and Social Integration, the first and only institution of its kind in Israel. The Institute, which has been in operation since 2005, continues to succeed and thrive and is well appreciated by all the entities active in this realm. The Institute, whose Academic Steering Committee is headed by Prof. Moshe Semyonov, aims to further teaching and research in the field of immigration.

This study program was developed according to the international standards followed by the leading universities researching this field (Oxford, San Diego, Toronto and more). The program fulfills academic research, study and professional needs with regard to this phenomenon, which is of interest to immigration absorbing countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany, and was structured in accordance with the unique needs of Israeli society.

Objectives of the Graduate Study Program

To development and centralize relevant academic knowledge in conjunction with professional training that will improve the quality of service and the level of effectiveness of the various systems operating in this realm.

The objective of the inter-disciplinary M.A. study program developed at Ruppin is to develop a comprehensive perception, language and dialog between systems/service providers and professionals in the field, such as: welfare, education, health and more, which currently work separately from one another.

The program encompasses a multi-dimensional array of topics (historical, sociological, psychological, cultural, educational, economic, demographic, legal and more) and contends with the issues of tension and multi-cultural gaps that affect and mold the character and identity of an immigrant society in general and that of Israeli society in particular.

For Whom is the Program Intended?

Professionals dealing with immigration currently arrive from specific areas of knowledge, such as psychology, criminology, education, economics, etc. However, they are not equipped with the broad spectrum of multi-disciplinary theoretical and practical knowledge that is vital for government, municipal, volunteer and individual systems dealing with immigrants. The M.A. program is intended for professionals who are active in the realm of immigration, Aliyah and absorption or for those who are interested in entering this fascinating field.

Graduates of the M.A. program in Immigration and Social Integration will be able to enter into various organizations both as service providers and systems managers and as researchers. Thus, a trained reserve of professionals who are able to improve the quality of service and the effective level of systems that are currently craving skilled personnel will be created.

Government offices - local authorities - The Jewish Agency and The JDC - third sector organizations such as educational institutions, hospitals, community centers, cultural institutions - immigrants' associations and non-profit organizations

Academic Staff

Teaching the program are senior academics who are at the forefront of research and practical activity in this field.

Prof. Moshe Semyonov
Head of the Immigration Institute's
Academic Steering Committee

Prof. Berrie Cheswick 
PhD, Columbia University 
PhD ( Honorary ) ,Lund University,
Lund, Sweden

Dr. Rafi Yungman
Ph.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Ada Zohar
Ph.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Yoram Amiel
Ph.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Yitzhak Haberfeld

Prof. Rivka Reichman

Dr. Efrat Neter
Ph.D., Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Moshe Sharir
Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Dr. Nonna Kushnirovich
Ph.D., Ukraine Academy of Sciences

Dr. Svetlana Chachashvily-Bolotin

Prof. Sibylle Heilbrunn
Ph.D., Haifa University

Dr. Karin Amit
Ph.D., Tel Aviv University

Dr. Rita Aloni
Ph.D., Tel Aviv University


Prof. Giora Rahav 
Ph.D., Indiana University

* Granting of the degree is contingent upon approval from the Council for Higher Education


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