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Master of Business Administration

The MBA Global Program
Prof. Eugene Jaffe
Program Director

Program Director: Prof. Eugene Jaffe (Ph.D., Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)
The Ruppin Academic Center M.B.A. program is based upon the highest Israeli standards for M.B.A. programs. The program is financed by the Planning and Budgeting Committee, in a manner similar to universities, and is suited to those who graduated with honors and to managers seeking to integrate work and study.

The Study Program
Terms of Registration and Acceptance

Why Global?

Future managers will be faced with high standards due to the business and industrial development of recent years, the increasing competitiveness among developed countries, the significant increase in the importance of developing economies and Israel's integration into the international business community. In his book "The World is Flat", journalist Thomas Friedman reviews the factors that flatten the world and describes the dynamic global events and processes that every manager must know in order to create a relative advantage for the company that he/she manages.
A globally focused M.B.A. program is able to train managers how to contend with international business activity from various aspects, such as a global value chain of suppliers and customers, business and national cultures in different countries, a virtual staff of employees, international business collaborations, global governmental and other institutions involved in company activity in the international market.

What is a Global Manager?

Global managers must acquire four competencies in order to perform at an excellent level in the global market and to be an innovative leader:
Acquisition of international business knowledge - thus improving the manager's ability to make decisions in other countries.
Acquisition of cultural adaptability abilities - in order to further, manage and transfer information to professionals from diverse cultures.
Step into the other's shoes - learn to listen and understand situations and people from multiple viewpoints.
Be an innovative leader - have the ability to leverage different opinions in order to solve problems creatively and also be capable of convincing others to join you.

Objectives of the Department of Business Administration
The objective of the M.B.A. program is to train skilled managers who are able to solve difficult and complex problems, to steer the organization in which they operate through uncertain conditions and frequent changes in the local, international and global environment in which the organization functions.

What Makes the Global M.B.A. Program at Ruppin Unique?

Each field/specialization within the program includes courses with a global perspective.
Each field/specialization includes at least one course that is taught in English.
The program includes courses that train managers to do business in various geographicareas (the Far East, Europe, North America, South America, Africa).
The program collaborates with academics from leading universities around the world.
The Global M.B.A. program holds an honor students' seminar that enables collaboration withstudents from overseas universities.
Reading material, case studies and business events focus on global issues.
The program has a video conference room, allowing for communications with study groups

The M.B.A. Program Includes Specializations:

Specialization in Human Resources and Organizational Development
Specialization Director
: Prof. Yoram Mitki (Ph.D., Tel Aviv University)
An expert in organizational development and consultancy who has advised industrial plants and service organizations in Israel and abroad for nearly 30 years and is a member of the American Academy of Management. A veteran lecturer, who is among the founders of the Department of Business Administration at Ruppin Academic Center.

Specialization Objective - to instill knowledge and skills for the utilization of human resources, which are an organization's most vital and important resource. The acquisition of such abilities requires broad training and knowledge of tools from various fields, such as economics, psychology and sociology, alongside education regarding leadership, broad perspectives, abstract abilities and mental maturity.

Central Fields - Management of multi-national companies and global strategy, entrepreneurship, development and management of medium and small businesses, decision making, managerial information systems, organizational development and change, consultancy intervention processes in organizations, select issues in human resources management.

Specialization in International Management, Marketing and Business
Specialization Director: Dr. Ram Herstein (Ph.D. in Marketing, Middlesex University Business School, London).
Senior lecturer and head of the marketing field at Ruppin. His articles regarding brand marketing, retail and consumer behavior have been published in leading international journals and his books, which constitute a central teaching tool in an array of marketing courses in Israel, have made him a leading researcher in the field of brand management.

Specialization Objective
- to train graduates who will be able to integrate into senior marketing positions within Israeli and in international companies. The specialization studies provide tools and skills with a global strategic perspective of the field of marketing and offer a broad array of advanced study subjects.

Central Fields - Global strategic management, service marketing, international marketing, managing multi-national companies, consumer behavior, market research, country branding and more. The study subjects will be taught through case analysis alongside lectures by leading managers in the various fields.

Specialization in Financing
Specialization Director: Prof. Avraham Polovin (Ph.D., Bar-Ilan University)
A senior lecturer in the Department of Economics and Administration and one of its founders. He has held a number of central economic positions within the Kibbutz Movement and served as a director in many public companies. Teaching and research fields: accounting, financing and research regarding inequality and entrepreneurship.

Specialization Objective - to train graduates in many various aspects of the world of financing. Program graduates will be fitting candidates for senior positions in the banking world and within Israeli and international companies. The tools acquired by program participants will provide them with advanced theoretical and practical financial management skills, with the ability to manage investment portfolios and mergers and acquisitions as well as in-depth comprehension of international capital markets. The subject matter will be taught in various manners, including lectures by experts and managers in the field as well as case analyses by students in conjunction with advanced theoretical lectures.

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