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M.A. in clinical psychology

The program grants its graduates a Masters degree (M.A.) in clinical psychology * in accordance to the requirements of the Commission of Higher Education and the Clinical Psychology Division of the Ministery of Health.

  The Study Program
 Terms of Registration and Acceptance

The purposes of the clinical psychology program
 To certify graduates in clinical psychology with an integrative, empirically supported approach that is developmental and multi-cultural.
 To certify psychologists who will be able to develop public services by applying  new treatment programs suited to wide sectors in Israeli society

Characteristics of the clinical psychology program

The studies were designed in order to provide in-depth understanding, knowledge and clinical skills in psychopathology, diagnosis and evaluation of personality in a clinical interview and in therapy.

The program underlines developing awareness and sensitivity to factors of cultural, socio-economic status, age and minority groups.

Among the staff of the program for clinical psychology are the best professors and researchers in the main fields of clinical psychology. The multi-professional teaching staff includes psychologists, a senior psychiatrist, a physician specializing in family medicine and a senior social worker.

The program provides extensive knowledge in various areas such as psychotherapy, including behavioral-cognitive treatment, family treatment and psycho-dynamic treatment.

The program is based on a developmental-social approach which attributes much importance to family, community and the circle of life. Therefore the program focuses, among others, on providing knowledge in developmental processes, developmental psychopathology and treatment methods suited for various ages, couples and families.

The program pays much attention to shaping the role of the psychologist as a therapist who is part of the community, society and culture in which he lives.

Who can enroll
The program is designed for those with a bachelor's degree (B.A.) in psychology or in behavioral sciences with a major in psychology, and wish to continue their studies towards a master's degree in psychology who have a valid MITAM score.

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