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A Note from the President

First, I would like to welcome you, our new students, and those of you who are considering joining us in the coming academic year. Ruppin Academic Center is an institution with a long academic and professional history. In joining us, you will become part of a warm and supportive family, yet a demanding one, which aspires to reach beyond the horizon.

The Israeli system of higher education is ceaselessly growing. Similarly to what we have witnessed in recent years, this year as well, over sixty percent of Israeli BA students will choose colleges for their academic studies. In doing so, they will choose a broad education, a high level of teaching, an appropriate preparation for the future, and not less important - an enjoyable educational experience in a student-friendly environment. 

Here in Ruppin, where a continuing growing number of students is noted annually, over 4000 students will attend the new academic year, in four schools: Economics and Business Administration, Social and Community Sciences, Marine Sciences and Environment, and Engineering. In addition to the BA degrees in these schools, MBA, MA in Immigration and Social Integration and MA in Clinical Psychology, we have added another BSn Program in Nursing and a fourth MA program, in Logistics and Marine Resources. The four master's degrees indicate the direction we are heading to. We have more programs in the pipeline, which we expect to launch in the near future, representing interesting and contemporary fields as well as responding to market needs. .

In order to achieve fruitful and effective learning, we believe in going beyond the classroom to experience how things work in the field". For instance, two years ago our team of MBA students took part in the BizTEC - Israel's leading entrepreneurial competitions. They continued on to Europe and the USA, winning a respectable second place internationally. This recent year, another team has won the first place in the clean-tech category. On another front, students in the advertising management course took active part last year in Ruppin's re-branding campaign. Last year, together with a leading Israeli bank, we have inaugurated a state-of-the-art trading room, thus offering our students on-site real experience in the economics studies. These are only a few of many initiatives that demonstrate the quality and potential found in each and every one of you, which Ruppin strives to help you nurture.

The jewel in the crown of student involvement in college life at Ruppin is displayed on Academic Day, in which the entire student body participates. Students exhibit their work and the results of their research projects to a broad forum of academics and representatives of industry and business. This annual Academic Day is the culmination of the students' academic effort. It is an exciting and inspiring celebration that highlights the high quality and variety of activities taking place here.

Our graduate students are a source of pride for us. While many of them excel as master and doctoral students in the best academic institutions, others hold respectable positions at all levels of industry, in business and management, and in leading accounting firms, as well as government ministries and other public entities.

Senior staff members at Ruppin Academic Center lead a variety of research studies of importance to academia, industry, business, and society. This includes a major research project on the Mediterranean, jointly conducted with Veolia Environment, the world's largest multi-national company in the environmental field. Likewise, our scholars at the Institute of Immigration and Social Integration are pursuing several new studies in the field of immigration, in collaboration with international institutions.

Ruppin Academic Center is taking a quantum leap in growth and students are playing the primary role in this stimulating process. In joining us, you will be able to participate in this challenge, influence our direction and contribute to our strength. As for myself and my fellow faculty and staff members, we will do our very best to give you the necessary tools for the future. 

Together we will sail Beyond Horizons

Wishing all of us an enjoyable and fruitful year,
Professor Shosh Arad

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